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Valruma is a female Changeling that is best friends with Celipscra.

Kind Changelings
Sex Female
Occupation None
Eyes Yellow
Mane Magenta
Coat Drak Grey
Cutie mark
Owner Aniju Aura


Valruma is a normal Changeling but is a little taller than the average scout. She is considered one of the most beautiful Changelings in her hive. She is of the average dark grey like most changelings but with a long slightly curved horn and yellow eyes. She had magenta colored hair that curves. Valruma is kind, loyal and friendly, unlike most members of her species. She enjoys fashion once and usually changes into a pretty pony. Valruma is a bit of a push over when it comes to Celipscra. She willfully follows her best friend around and does almost everything she says.


Valruma was born and lived her whole life in her hive but ultimately left with Celipscra and Skipsalou after the failed attempt at taking over Canterlot. She did not attend the take over but watched with Celipscra. After leaving the colony, she traveled around with Celipscra and Skipsalou till they came across Crosis's Kingdom. After settling down in the Underground Kingdom, they heard news of a Changeling Colony led by King Skinwalker, in Changing Minds. Valruma went with Celipscra, Skipsalou and Zino to locate a nearby changeling colony.


  • Valruma name is just a random word that sounded like a Changeling name.