Vamponies Page
Mark and Whiplash
Sex Male & Female
Occupation Hunter
Eyes Reptile pupils with a variety of colors
Coat Light Variety of colors
Ruler Winter's Howl
Owner User:AngelinBlack424
Richtofen Water
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Vamponies are immortal and undead ponies that are given bat-like abilities and can do numerous things that most mortal ponies cannot.

Tradition and Hunting

Vamponies are mysterious creatures from the category of the undead that mainly hide their vampiric ability from the ponies of Ponyville. Most of them do not talk so they can continue to hide their fangs from being seen.

Vamponies have the natural instinct of drinking the blood out of other mortal ponies. Some decide to drink out of animals like Deer or other wildlife, and others drink only other mortal ponies. Most of the time, the ponies who fall victim to the bite slowly die over time depending on how much blood was taken, however the mortal pony would become sick if only some blood was taken, but that is not very often.

Vamponies can also turn other mortal ponies into their own kind by biting and injecting vampony venmon into the neck of the pony. It causes the mortal's body to weaken and become motionless, unless than when they wake up and see that they start to have the thirst for blood. Beginning vamponies have the biggest appitite for blood.

There are some hunters in Ponyville looking for Vamponies in Equestria, but most of the creatures hide from these ponies from being slayed. Vamponies also have a strong rivalry against wereponies, and they have been hostile towards each other for many years. Some Vamponies also have a rare ability of tranforming themself into a vampire bat, but this is rare in most vamponies.

Known Vamponies in Ponyville

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