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PLEASE NOTE: This article mentions an episode called EQUAL LIBERTY.' This is  NOT  a real episode, it is  JUST FANMADE!

(You can read the page for this fanmade episode too.)


Velvet Liberty is FurbsFurbs's secondary OC - her proper OC is Liberty Swirl.

Velvet Liberty is first seen in the episode Equal Liberty. She is the keenest pony to be equalised by Starlight, whom she has an absolutely rock-solid friendship with. She is an instant resident of "Our Town" and her absolute BFF is Starlight Glimmer. Velvet is not a villainous pony, and has never done anything to hurt another pony in her life, but she does support Starlight.Velvet has a passion for France, which is why she has red white and blue hair and could speak fluent French before her cutie mark was turned into an = . She is an excitable pony, a lot like Pinkie Pie, especially when she's about to be equalised! She loves Starlight with all her heart, and really looks up to her. She has a Lady Liberty crown which she often likes to wear. When Starlight reformed, Velvet remained closer friends with her than Liberty Swirl, who kept in touch with Starlight and the two stayed good friends but didn't see each other as much as Starlight and Velvet.

                            "Oh Starlight, we are going to be BFFs FOR EVER!" 
                               -Velvet Liberty