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Vialli is the the fourth child and the only daughter of Aniju and Dante and is featured in the short story titled The Offspring.




Vialli is a white and pink Pegasus with her hair covering her eyes. Vialli is quiet, doesn't like to talk unless she has to. She isn't shy but rather quiet clever and observant. Altough she is the youngest, Vialli holds her own among her older brothers.

She sometimes carries around a katana sword with her. Like a crow, Vialli is attracted to shiny things.


Aniju and Dante decided to take their four children to Equestria. Vialli traveled to the Crystal Empire, with her father, where she discovered the Crystal Heart. After an accident that caused the Crystal Ponies to drive Vialli out of the empire, and a harsh treatment from Princess Cadance, Vialli became depressed. Her older brother Danju called their brothers Anante and Darwin to come and cheer her up.


Pictures of Vialli.


  • Vialli is named after a female meerkat who was once the dominant female of the Whiskers Mob. She was originally named Flower, but was later changed to Vialli.
  • Vialli is also a type of flower.