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Viktor Kalizhetny

Виктор Калижетный

Kind Human
Sex Male
Occupation Politician
Eyes Black
Nicknames Master Deputy Kalizhetny
Cutie mark
Communist Hammer and Sickle
Communist Logo.png

General Deputy Viktor Klimentovich Kalizhetny (Russian: Виктор Климентович Калижетный) is a head deputy of the Communist Party of Equestria, and this is a task that he can do regardless, by hiring security guards to defend the rest of the crew. He worked as a security guard himself, bringing in his own revolver for safety.


Viktor Kalizhetny is a 62-year old deputy who was a Soviet official who became a Russian politician once the USSR fell, of course if Russia is HEAVILY oppressed of course, including sanctions, and penalties on Russia regardless, because of their questionable actions anyway.

Because of all those sanctions, he emigrated to Equestria and began living there full-term as a diplomat, who he was promoted to become a deputy, regardless, he decided to adapt to his culture. He did encounter a few ponies in his life, just of some surprises regardless.

He does speak in a strong Russian accent.


He is always protective of his friends, but he is the head deputy, so he had to serve a few years in the army anyways, this made him quite good at defense regardless in the military himself.

Despite this, he is a reliable leader, and he's a strong critic of Putin himself anyways regardless.


He was born in the Perm Krai in Russia, regardless, but he did attend school, and later moved to Moscow, later moving on to seperate facilities in politics and better yet, graduating with a law degree in general, by himself, he decided to create some surprising knowlege depending on his life, regarding his entirely great life.

Anyways, after he graduated, he served 4 years in the military, then became a politician, this is why he brang his revolver at all times as a poltician himself, even after he emigrated to Equestria, so he has dual Russian and Equestrian citizenship as a result.

He's a great security officer regardless, even deciding which choice was to decide for other people in his life entirely.