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Viver (Pronounced Vi-ver) is a Glam metal band from canterlot that's currently touring with a wide variety of rock bands across Equestria.


Viver started as the sole brainchild of Blues Jam a young earth pony who was looking to further revitalize the popularity of 80's party metal.

Viver has been under progress for many years since blues thought up of it in highschool. The first member other than himself was a free spirited unicorn called Cherry Pie whom of which he'd been long term friends with. Cherry was, like Blues a HUGE fan of 80's pop rock and metal, so much so that they decided to work on bringing Viver to life.

Blues' brother, Jessie was persuaded to join the group then became the bassist


On the glammier end of the metal spectrum, Viver is a throwback to a time of decadence, excess and the glamour of the los pegasus sunrise strip.

Music Genres[]

  • Glam metal
  • heavy metal
  • hard rock
  • glam rock


  • Raw Power disagrees with their over the top look however they do generally like Viver.
  • Evil Empire generally hates the decadeistic glammy nature of Viver.
  • The destroyers like Viver a lot due to similar interests in glam rock
  • Rage (Equestria girls only)