Vorpal Smithy
Vorpal Smithy
Vorpal Smithy
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Blacksmith
Eyes Deep Amber
Mane Strong Gamboge with a Grayish Gamboge streak
Coat Moderate Amber
Relatives Sir Sheath (son)
Illuminati (son)
Dainty Damsel (wife)
Scabbard (brother)
Hooves Very Light Tangelo
Cutie mark
380px-Blacksmith anvil hammer.svg
Hammer and Anvil
Voice Tim Daly
Owner User:Otherside86
Vorpal Smithy is Illuminati and Sir Sheath's father and the finest blacksmith in all of Equestria.


Sir Terrafaux

Sir Terrafaux

When Vorpal Smithy was first made, he was meant to be a Steed Knights of the Chess Table named Sir Terrafaux, who was killed in battle and his son, Sir Sheath wanted to follow in his hoofsteps.


Vorpal Smithy was Sir Vision Slide's old friend and personal black smith. His son, Sheath was inspired by Vision Slide to become a Steed Knights of the Chess Table, and was taken under his wing.

Equestria Girls: My Noble Steeds

In the human, Vorpal Smithy was a army mechanic. He met his wife on the job, and their son, Sheath was born and raise on bases abroad.

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