Wafer Green
Wafer Green 3D
Wafer Green wearing Applejack's hat
Kind Earth pony
Sex Male
Occupation Undecided
Eyes Brown or dark red[note 1]
Mane Macau green (In Chinese) (#00785D)
Coat Strong blue[note 1]
Nicknames Wafers, Slice, Green Wafers
Owner Wei4Green

Wafer Green is a male Earth pony OC of Wei4Green. Since 2016, he only appeared on few artworks, both original and friend-made. On 28 October 2018, he was first depicted on video as one frame in linear motion.

Design history

Wafer Green's concept was thought by Wei4Green beginning in March 2016, and his initial design was created on on 20 April 2016. The external design is based on the creator's favorite colors.

The character was unnamed until 15 October 2018, when Wei4Green suddenly recalled a name "Wafer Green" that DaisyEseyad teased him due to the similar pronunciations back in some time in 2016. After a poll on a Discord server with 3 votes, his name was finally decided.

As of 2018, the character doesn't have a backstory.

Physical appearance

Despite having few inconsistent details, Wafer is a medium-sized stallion of a strong blue coat and Macau green mane and tail. He has brown eyes on most of the artwork, while he has dark red eyes on the game Pony Town. On one 3D model, his hooves are brown.

As of 2019, the character doesn't have a cutie mark design.



  1. 1.0 1.1 As of 2018, the precise colors are yet to be decided.
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