Bronies Wiki
Kind unicorn
Sex male
Occupation Student (EC Magic Wing)
Eyes blue
Mane dark blue + cyan
Coat blue
Cutie mark
3 stars
Owner User:Gingalover

Waterstar is a young, pure blue unicorn. He grew up in the E.C., and the main protagonist to the MLP fan fiction, Stars of War, seen from his Point of View. He is a trainee under Commander Firebrand's training course.


Waterstar is pretty self reliant, yet usually is alone. He has a common knack to think deeply on anything that isn't fully clear to him. However, this type of thinking also gets him into daydreaming a lot, usually making him daydream until reality forces him back. His constant thinking can give him plenty of personal opinions that can be good for conspiracy material, if spoken allowed to the wrong ears. His sociality isn't exactly the best for a pony, more or often, he would rather read than talk.



As a unicorn, he is able to do the simple magic, mostly levitating objects off the ground. However, his lack of power makes it the only magic he can do without fail. Ironically, his knowledge of magic is pretty advanced, despite hardly being able to handle magic himself. This makes him more of a magic learner and teacher then a magic user.


Where he lacks magic, he makes up for strength. Unlike most unicorns, he has strength almost akin to Earth Ponies. This strength also allows him to use his horn in a more physical use, like a spear rather than a unicorn's, magic conduit.