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wheen pinkies collide is a mlp and eg crossover that takes place before season 9 with it being not canon


twilights had enough of pinkies mysterious ways and with the help of her friends and mabye some new ones shes gonna find out


the usual predicting of pinkie[]

as usual pinkie predicting stuff for twilight but then twilight finally wants to know

the ways of building a device[]

twilight soon invents a new braclet thatll help keep her pony form in the human world

back into canterlot high[]

soon when twilight and her friends arrive she tells there human counterparts their plan

the meeting[]

twilight soon gets started on telling all of them the reasons to come

blood collecting[]

that twilight and sci-twi start collecting blood for similairities

the cutie mark curious crsaders[]

after many question the human CMC and pony CMC decide to help the mane 13

venting throught with the case[]

soon the mane 13 or now the mane 19 are now looking through vents at canterlot high and twilights castle

princabals and princesses[]

soon princibal calestia and luna and princess calestia and luna join the team because they just want a role in the movie

the dragon the dog and the pink[]

soon after a song both spikes join pinkie in the fight

the final showdown[]

soon the mane 23 face off against the pink 6 and its either mane 23 or pink 6

starlight in stone[]

just as twilight and pinkie are about to blast beams to kill them off starlight run in and gets turned into stone

pinkies true past[]

soon after starlights turn into stone pinkies soon explains her backstory on how she used to be with eg pinkies family but decided to leave when she was 3 and ended up in equestria but after twilight return after sunset stole her crown she decided to see the other side only to see her sister sleeping near the portal and soon they decided to switch places every day

spikes true relation[]

after the backstory spike decides to show his full feeling to rarity and kisses her

the future of canterlot high[]

soon princibal calestia and vice princabal luna decide to permanantly merge the shcool of friendship and canterlot high and soon everything is happy again