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White Reindeer


Magical peryton (Winged reindeer)



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The White Reindeer (also known as the Hearth Father in the country of Trottingham) is a conceptual character for Christmas specials. He is planned to be a Ponytale character but he is very much desired to be canon of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.


The ancient story state he is supposedly as powerful and regal as Princess Celestia of Equestria and that once a year on the night of Hearth's Warming Eve (pony-Christmas Eve) he will pull a chariot around the world carrying a huge bag of wrapped gifts and deliver these presents to all the good ponies all in one night. He is guided by The Fire of Friendship on his world journey. Since the idea of anypony (especially non-pony) being as powerful as a princess is unlikely and that nopony has actually seen the White Reindeer, he is considered no more than a myth to be told to foals.

He has alicorn wings for flight and while he may not have an alicorn horn, he is still capable of powerful magic with his antlers instead. With flight and magic he is capable of delivering gifts to all ponies of Equestria (or all the world) all in a single night.

His home is said to be located in the Grove, a place beyond Mount Everhoof in the unknown north. The White Reindeer is regarded prince of winter the same way Celestia is regarded princess of the summer. His loyal subjects are Aurora, Bori, and Alice who supply the White Reindeer with all the gifts needed to give out on the night of Hearth's Warming Eve

In Ponytale[]

Pinkie Pie still believes in the White Reindeer despite him being only a Hearth's Warming tale for foals during Hearth's Warming. Twilight even telling her there has been no proof of a white reindeer of great magic and wings who can deliver presents to everypony in a single night. With only Epic Mount who wants to believe, Pinkie and Epic go on an adventure to the Crystal Mountains in hopes to find the White Reindeer's grotto.


Other Info[]

  • He is made to be the MLP:FiM version of Father Christmas/Santa Claus, as to oppose human characters in the cartoon. Aurora, Bori and Alice serve as his "helpers".
  • He is a reindeer because they are the traditional animals that pulls Santa's sleigh.
  • As reindeer have their mane on their necks instead of down the back of thier heads like ponies, his white fur and mane suppose to resemble Santa Claus white hair and beard.
  • In mythology there is a creature that is a winged deer, it is known as the Peryton.