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Willow Wisp





Cutie Mark

A Ghost


Wisp is actually rather friendly and down to earth. She has a calmness about her that in some cases can almost be scary. It's hard to make her panic or worry, or at least make her show such. She tends to be rather blunt and doesn't like to beat around the bush when talking facts. However she is the helpful sort, and if she's awake, she's willing to do what she can. She does have a nasty temper if pushed, and her eyes even glow creepily when enraged. Things have also been known to start floating in mid-air when she's made, do to her magic. All part of her ghost-like persona. Most of the time though, she's just the shadow passing by, giving off an eerie vibe. Extra: She had a pet fruit bat named Morty. He is picky and loves lemons. She is often woken up by him when he doesn't want the other food she's offered. She also has a younger cousin that Grim Tales. His parents want him to live with her to make new friends. Even if Wisp has only recently moved to Ponyville.


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Likes:Night time, ghost stories, stars, winter time, bats, strange creatures, shadows and sleeping during the day

Dislikes:Hot weather, overly cutesy things, really bright light and being woken up

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