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The World Cup 2014 Ponies are ponies representing the 36 countries who are playing in the World Cup this year. (P.S If you want to make your own World Cup 2014 pony, please don't use General's Zoi's Pony Creator Full Version. I would like that the ponies be original and NOT have the same hairstyles and stuff. Sorry I'm just weird and picky like that.). To see which countries are available, please check Available World Cup Ponies. If you see a country you like but someone else is doing it, it's fine if you make it too.


Since the World Cup is over, Pandora and I are going to create a sports school for the ponies. You can make as many countries and ponies as you like and it's okay if the same countries are there.

Group A[]

Group B[]

Group C[]

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Group G[]

Group H[]