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Wormking ID
Kind Tatzlwurm
Sex Male
Owner Vine-illy
Eyes Black with white pupils
Colors Pale, light grayish fuchsia head,
grayish violet body,
and moderate amaranth hair
User Owner User:Lunaflaire

Wormking is Vine-illy's pet Tatzlwurm, residing at her headquarters in Manehattan.

Development and design

Wormking looks similar to ordinary Tatzlwurm's, except having a crown-shaped symbol on his head and a spiky dark brown collar around his neck with the symbol of a leaf. His name is a combination of the words "worm" and "king".


Wormking is shown to be ferocious and extremely loyal to his owner Vine-illy. He is intelligent enough to understand and perform Vine-illy's various tasks, but can be easily tricked by smarter animals, like Owlowiscious and Angel.


Wormking was discovered by Vine-illy as a tiny young Tatzlwurm on her trip to study plants at the edge of Equestria and was adopted as her pet. Following Vine-illy's transformation into a super-villain, Wormking is generally shown assisting his owner with her various plans.



Wormking serve as Vine-illy's pet and "secret weapon" and follow all of her commands. Occasionally, Vine-illy will repay Wormking's accomplishments with patting him on his head.


Due to her rivalry with his owner, Claire is one of the few ponies whom Wormking is not fond of.