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Kind and empathic, she also is very smart and often wise beyond her years. An incredibly reasonable young Mare she is not too stubborn to concede to being in the wrong if such is proven, but she is quick to defend the right as well. Despite her strong faith, she does try and keep an open mind. Her sharp wit means she also has a sharp tongue, and sometimes she has trouble knowing when not to use it. Though she tries to be kind and accepting to all, her patience sometimes wears thin with those who are a bit more on the slow side. She also tends to have a stern reaction to those who don't show enough respect to the Princess in her mind, a problem which she is constantly battling. After Nightmare Moon's return, she's gained a strong aprehenshion for night time, and many situations when the 'lights go out all of a sudden'. Creepy, dark places tend to get to her most, though she is able to battle it away (most of the time) by keeping to her faith.


Book grew up in one of the more odd families of Celestia. Where most people merely respect the princess as their ruler, her family sees the Princess more as a Goddess in physical form, and this has colored much of Book's life. She greatly enjoys telling stories of Celestia's good deeds and messages of Harmony (At least, those that she knows and are taught within her family, the truth of them is debatable). She gained her Cutie Mark after having a long debate with somepony who's opinion of Celestia was much different, even negative. Though she wasn't able to convince this pony to change their mind, it did affirm and strengthen her belief and ideals and so allowed her Cutie Mark to form. Over the years, she's learned not to be so preachy, the result of frequent embarrassments, including the nickname "Preacher Book" after a particularly long spiel one day. She has tried to shake the name, but secretly rather likes it.

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