Kind Changeling
Sex Male
Occupation Agent of the Enmity Organization
Eyes Moderate Arctic Blue
Mane Dark Arctic Bluish Gray
Coat Sea Greenish Black
Nicknames Bug Brain, Bug Boy, Xeninator
Magic aura Brilliant Green
Voice Tom Kenny
Ice king hitman hitman

Ice king hitman hitman

Owner User:Otherside86

Xeno is a male changeling and an agent of the Enmity Organization, and Riff Wrath's sidekick.


Xeno was one of a few in a band of changelings who planned to leave Queen Chrysalis and her twisted ambitions.

After the changeling invasion on Canterlot failed, they were given the chance to escape. Enmity found these changelings and they offered their services. At the time, they developed a new food for the changelings called, Artificial Love. A glowing pink potion that gives changelings the same satisfaction as real love, it didn't taste quite like the real thing, but suited them just the same.

On this new diet of Artificial Love, the changelings were slowly cured of their obsessive savage cravings for feeding off the love of others, but their wicked nature was still intact.

Xeno is usually assigned to work for Riff Wrath, and sometimes with Snuff.

Physical appearance

Xeno may look like other changelings, but makes a difference from the others by his multiple photoreceptors eyes, similar to most insects.


Despite being a great master of disguise (like all changelings are), he is so half-witted, presumptuous, and overzealous. So he is often scolded by Riff Wrath every now and then for his own stupidity.

Equestria Girls

In Equestria Girls: My Noble Steeds, Xeno is Riff Wrath's right-hand man, and former member of the Changeling Crime Family.

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