Bronies Wiki
Kind Alicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Ruler of Cavalrous
Relatives Nebula (wife)
Aurora (daughter)
Shroud (son)
Cutie mark
Yin Yang Symbol
Owner User:Otherside86

Yin-Yang is the master of Equilibrium, Neutralization and Balance. He also is the ruler of Roanninshire, the capital of Cavalrous, the sister nation of Equstria, and is the main headquarters of the Steed Knights of the Chess Table. Yin-Yang has the ability to split himself into two individual alicorns and to be merged again at will. His assistant is a spirit that can transfer himself form crystal ball to crystal ball named Foresight. He is friends with many great leaders, such as Neither Reach, Lord of the Underworld. His duty is to maintain balance between all that is good and evil. He always said that in order to understand the other side, you have to embrace it. (not the right order)


My noble steeds 3 by jdueler11-d4myyby

The Royal Family (Yin-Yang, Nebula, Aurora, and Shroud)

Yin-Yang was one of several OC designed by Otherside86 that was discarded and forgotten until recently.