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Pony Info
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"Nothing else but the best"







Cutie Mark

Lighting bolt with a star on either side

Special Talent

Able to create a Sonic Zoarboom



As one of the few Pegasus that are able to great Sonic Boom type acts, he still isn't the fastest Pegasus alive. He is Second best to rainbow colored Pegasus who lives in the small town of Ponyville, but he is still determined to be the best.

He is a determined but kind pony, despite his intimidating appearance. He is always looking to help, but never looking for help. Zoarin is the type of pony that will only accept help if hes sick or can't move. Which is a lot because of his determination to be the best, that causes him to be in the hospital and bed a lot more than other ponies.

He is also the second pony who can create a sonic boom type move. He can perform a move he calls, "Sonic Zoarboom" this move is similar to the Sonic Rainboom. But instead of a rainbow, his sends a grayish colored shock wave out. It also darkens the skys and casts a gray shadow on everything within a 20 mile radius.


Once Zoarin was a weak and shy Pegasus, he would rarely even fly or go near other Pegasus or ponies. He usually stayed at home or his only friends house. When he came out of High school, he decided to try to be braver. He flew up to a cloud and tried to perform a straight dive straight down. But he miss judged his dive and crashed. This landed him in the hospital for the first time. While Zoarin was in the hospital, he realized that he loved the feeling of adrenaline. He started doing more and more tricks, and after many trips to the hospital. He became more confident and brave, over time he grew stronger after many months of training.

This helped him become the strong, confident pony he is today. He earned his cutie mark after his second trip to the hospital after he realized he loved to fly fast and felt on top of the world while doing it. He has been helping every pony in need, and nopony would ever cross him in any way. He does have a love but nopony knows execpt him.