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Zoey Sparks

Zoey Sparks

Kind Pegacat
Sex Female
Occupation Weather pony (Part time)

Current president of Cattainia.

Eyes Moderate magenta
Mane Brilliant Red
Brilliant tangelo
Very pale crimson
Very light green
Coat Greyish magenta
Dark grey
Nicknames Sparks, Sparky, Zoey.
Relatives Fuzz-Ball Sparks (Older Sister)

Bright-Emerald Sparks (Younger Sister)

Cutie mark
Two green lightening bolts and a cat's nose on top of a blue triangle.
Owner User:Absolzoey
Zoey Sparks is a female Cat Pony and the ruler of the Cattainian Empire.



Zoey is a zany and fun character who knows when it's time to be serious.


Zoey has a sloppy plait in her name and her tail it that of a cat's. She has on an orange spiked bangle and a loose collar with a bell on it.


There once was a time in Cattainia were it was chaos. The 3 main species of Cat Ponies, began fighting over which was better, to the point where the empire was split in to 3 main sections, in hopes to keep peace. However this did not work and the 3 tribes broke out in to war.

Zoey's sister, Fuzz-Ball, singed up to fight to defend the honour of her race as a Pegacat, and Zoey became increasingly anxious and wishing to do something.

When the news of the war hit Equestria, Princess Cadence decided to send in the Elements of Love to help.

Princess Crescent taught Zoey how to be a leader, and good public speaker, so she could enter her way in to the politics of the Cattainian Empire Government.
This started with Zoey being a simple peace speaker who never really backed down from a fight or challenge. She got a bit of a following and some backing in her campaign, and eventually because of her, the war was ended.

The current president of the Empire stepped down, and offered the position to Zoey as she was good at keeping things in order.
Peace in Cattainia has been maintained since Zoey has taken the position.

Powers and abilities



Fuzz-Ball Sparks


Bright-Emerald Sparks



Xethon Skull


Dan Smith


Princess Havoc Sunlight


Jewel Demon


Apple Bud

Zoey knows that Apple has a high respect for her as quite often Apple is humble in her presence, doing such things as bowing in respect and calling her "Ma'am" a often as possible. Zoey wishes Apple would treat her as any other pony but Apple insists because of Zoey's status as a ruler.


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